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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Stamp Investment Tip: Spain 1940 Virgin of the Pillar Issue (Scott #B109-22,CB8-17,EB2)

In January of 1940, having just won the Spanish Civil War, the Royalist government of General Franco engaged in a bit of sanctimonious whitewashing and justification of its responsibility for that 3 year bloodbath, issuing a compound set commemorating the 19th Centenary of the Virgin of the Pillar, the patron virgin of Spain and the Hispanic peoples (Scott #B109-22,CB8-17, EB2). The surtax was used to restore the Cathedral at Zaragoza, which had been damaged during the Civil War, in order to help promote a spirit of national healing under a brutal, pietistic, pro-Fascist dictatorship. 85,000 sets were issued, and Scott '10 prices the unused set at $ 399.85 ($ 775.00 for NH).

On the bright side, the set is a beautiful Religion topical issue, and has potential appeal to Catholic collectors in all of Spain's former colonies. Furthermore, the current financial mess in Europe has lowered the value of the Euro and softened demand for better issues of many European countries, including Spain. For those who invest for the long haul, now is a good time to buy.

I strongly favor all scarce and undervalued issues of Spain and its colonies. The nation has 46 million people, the 9th largest economy in the world, and the most rapidly aging population in Europe. Philately will flourish under such conditions over the long-term, despite any temporary economic crises.

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  1. The government of General Franco DID NOT engaged in a bit of sanctimonious whitewashing and justification of its responsibility for that 3 year bloodbath. The Civil war was provoked by the coalition of anarchists, socialists and communists thst did govern Spain during the republic era consuming the country in a social and economic pandemonium and killing politicians that freely in the Spanish parliament expressed opinions contrary to the political parties in government. That is called State crimes. In such cases only a dictatorship, moreover in that period of history could put things in order. Republicans (communists, socialists and anarchists) were killing priests and nuns. 2 nuns were the first victims of the civil war. Republicans were burning theatres and private businesses as it was opposite to their political ideas. All of this happened BEFORE the civil war. No order existed in tn Spain. No blood bath would have taken place if reds would have surrender to the General franco troops that came to save Spain from a complete social chaos. General Franco government was a strongly catholic one and that was the reason of so many philatelic issues with catholic topics during the regime. The catholic church was with Franco as former government was against them. Please read a little bit in Enciclopedias before talking about something you really do not know in depth.
    a Spanish citizen