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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Stamp Investment Tip: Monaco 1955-57 Birds Airmails (Scott #C41-44, C41a-44a)

I'm initiating coverage of Monaco by recommending the Birds Airmails of 1955-57. These comprise two sets of high values, the normal set (Scott #C41-44), and the perf. varieties (Scott #C41a-44a - 3 stamps). 32,000 of the first and 30,000 of the second set were issued, and Scott '13 prices them unused at $225.- and $757.50 , respectively. The perf varieties are significantly more expensive because they were initially ignored by collectors. It is likely that many of the stamps from both sets were used as postage on packages and discarded, because they were expensive when issued.

Monaco is an affluent but tiny principality of about 32,000 people, and therefore its stamps appeal mainly to French Colonies/Area collectors and topicalists, rather than Monegasques. Like the other small stamp-issuing entities of Europe, Monaco has supplemented its foreign exchange earning by issuing attractive topical stamps.

According to a recent survey, Animals are the most popular topical collecting category among U.S. collectors, with Birds coming in 7th as a popular sub-category. It is likely that this popularity is roughly the same internationally.

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