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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Stamp Investment Tip: San Marino 1949-50 Views (Scott #278-93)

From 1949-50, San Marino issued a set of sixteen stamps picturing view of the tiny republic (Scott #278-93). 20,338 sets were issued, and Scott '14 prices the unused set at $262.70 ($525.00 for NH) .

Despite the fact that stamps of San Marino are mainly sold to collectors to generate income for the country, it is likely that quite a few of the Views sets were used as postage and discarded. The high values were pricey for collectors of the time, especially given the state of the Italian economy in the early Post-War years.

San Marino is a state situated on the Italian Peninsula on the eastern side of the Apennine Mountains, with a population of about 30,000.While the country probably does not contain enough collectors to form a significant stamp collecting population, its stamps are popular among collectors of Italy and Area. In addition, San Marino has issued quite a few popular topicals, which has bolstered interest in its stamps.

Those interested in becoming part of an international community of stamp collectors, dealers, and investors are encouraged to join the "Stampselectors" group at Facebook. The group hosts lively discussions concerning stamp investment and practical aspects of collecting, and provides a useful venue for those who wish to buy, sell, or trade stamps.    


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