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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Stamp Investment Tip: Israel 1949 TABUL Souvenir Sheet (Scott #16)

In 1949, Israel held its first national stamp exhibition, TABUL, and issued a souvenir sheet picturing one of its first stamps, which featured an ancient Judean coin (Scott #16). About 95,000 were sold, and Scott '10 prices the unused souvenir sheet at $ 90.00. Aside from the sheet's scarcity, it represents an interesting investment as both a "stamps on stamps" and a "coins on stamps" topical, and because of its association with Jewish history.

Israel is considered one of the most advanced countries in the world in terms of economic development. As a technology powerhouse which leads the world in the number of scientists and engineers per capita, it also has the second largest number of start-up companies after the U.S.. Israel's main burden is having to spend much of its GNP on defending itself from some of its more bellicose neighbors. Should peace break out, trade will grow exponentially, and Israel could serve as a model for economic development in the Mid-East and much of the Third World. In that event, the better stamps of Israel and the Palestine Mandate will increase dramatically.

Israeli stamps are popular in Israel and among Jewish collectors around the world. Those interested in learning more about Israeli stamps should consider purchasing a Bale Catalogue, which classifies and values many items not listed in Scott, including forerunners, errors, varieties, machine-vended stamps, revenues, postal stationery, and booklets.


  1. Was this sheet issued with gum ot without gum?

    Are there any fakes of this S/S around?


  2. The sheet was issued with gum. I haven't heard of any fakes, nor does Michel warn of any.

    1. What is the beast price for buyying?