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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Stamp Investment Tip: Romania 1956 Insect Pests (Scott # 1103-06)

In 1956, Romania issued a set of stamps honoring its campaign against insect pests (Scott #1103-06). 40,000 of this interesting Animal/Insect topical set were issued, and Scott '10 prices the unused set at $ 36.25.

This set should do well as both an Animal topical and as a bet on the growth of Romania's economy. I favor many of the scarce sets of the former Eastern bloc countries (and especially popular topicals), as their values have plenty of room for increase as these economies play catch-up and develop within the free-market fold.

A nation of 22 million people with a GDP per capita of $ 12,285.- (about 46% of the EU average), Romania is considered an upper-middle income country. Romania's main exports are clothing and textiles, industrial machinery, electrical and electronic equipment, metallurgic products, raw materials, cars, military equipment, software, pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals, and agricultural products. GDP growth has been high, averaging about 7% over the last five years.

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