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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Stamp Investment Tip: Great Britain- Offices in the Turkish Empire 1906 1pi on 2p Green and Carmine (Scott #25)

Perhaps the rarest of all of the stamps issued for Great Britain's Offices Abroad (excluding varieties) is the 1pi Beyrouth Provisional Surcharge of 1906 (Scott #25). Despite the tiny issuance of 480 stamps, Scott '10 prices it at $ 1,500.00 for unused and $ 700.00 for used. Part of the reason for the undervaluation might be that fake surcharges exist, necessitating expertization (optimally by either the British Philatelic Association* or the Royal Philatelic Society of London).

A "crown jewel" of British Offices philately, the stamp makes an excellent stand-in for all British Offices in the Turkish Empire stamps, which appeal to collectors of British Commonwealth and the Mid-East, two growing markets.

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* I could not find the url of the B.P.A.- Mea culpa.

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