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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Stamp Investment Tip: Hong Kong 1862 Victoria (Scott #1-7)

In 1862, Hong Kong issued its first postage stamps (Scott #1-7). The two high values are particularly scarce, but also pricey. The 48c Rose (Scott #6) had a printing of 31,260 and the 96c Gray (Scott #7) - only 21,600, and Scott '10 prices them unused at $ 3,000.- and $ 4,000.-, and used at $ 400.- and $ 525.- , respectively.

I favor all of the better stamps of Hong Kong, as they appeal to collectors of China, Hong Kong, and British Commonwealth - three growing markets. While these two stamps may seem expensive, it is likely that only a few thousand remain in any condition. If buying them used, ascertain that they have postal, and not revenue, cancels, and obtain a certificate if necessary.

Centering of this issue tends to be poor, so expect to pay a premium for examples with four margins.

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