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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Stamp Investment Tip: U.S. 1909 Hudson-Fulton Imperforate (Scott #373)

In 1909, the U.S. issued two stamps celebrating the tercentenary of the discovery of the Hudson River, and the centenary of the Clermont, the first commercial steamboat, built by Robert Fulton (Scott #372-73). The perforated stamp (#372) is by far the more common, as about 72.6 million were issued, and I am not recommending it for investment. However, I am recommending the imperforate version (Scott #373), as only 216,480 were issued, and Scott '10 prices it unused at $ 20.00 ($ 42.50 for NH).

The stamp is not only a beautifully engraved Ship Topical, but it is of local interest in New York and New Jersey. In my opinion, the best formats in which to purchase the issue are as a plate number block of 6 (CV = $ 240.00; $ 375.00 as NH) or as a center line block of 4 (CV = $ 210.00; $ 360.00 as NH). The stamps were produced in sheets of 60 (with one plate block and one center line block per sheet), yielding only 3,608 of each of these positional blocks. A much higher proportion of the imperforate Hudson-Fultons were retained by collectors than were the perforated stamps, so I am guessing that between 700 and 1,500 of each remain.

Gum bends are very common on #373. Endeavor to purchase examples which are free of them, especially if purchasing blocks.

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  1. Error in statement on the quanitity printed of is as follows: 1) 902 sheets were printed. 2)60 stamps per pane. 3)1 centerline block per sheet not per pane. 4) 902 centerline blocks possible. 5)total of 7216 plate blocks were printed (2 per pane.)

  2. i have a pane plus a full sheet of 373. anyone have a value estimate? anyone interested in purchase? I also have a full sheet of the seward and a pane of the lincoln carmine.

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