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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Stamp Investment Tip: Mozambique 1939 Presidential Visit (Scott #289-92)

In 1939, Mozambique (then a Portuguese Colony) issued a set of stamps picturing a map of Africa, and celebrating the visit of the President of Portugal (Scott #289-92). 20,000 were issued, and Scott '11 prices the unused set at $41.50 .

The set has potential dual market appeal for Portuguese Colonies collectors and collectors in Mozambique, should a significant stamp market develop there. Even without that catalyst, I expect that the set will increase in value based on demand from Portuguese Colonies collectors alone.

With about 23 million people, Mozambique was described as a "paradox" in a 2007 economic report by the World Bank, combining a "blistering pace of economic growth" with massive poverty and rising child malnutrition. Improvements in infrastructure, especially related to agriculture, are needed; 75% of the population engage in small-scale agriculture, although over 88% of the arable land in the country is uncultivated. Also, Mozambique has valuable titanium reserves, which could economically uplift the country if exploited effectively. Obviously, there is a necessity for reforms which will allow a greater portion of the wealth to trickle down to the majority of the population. Annual GDP growth has averaged about 6.5% over the last 5 years.


  1. In Portuguese catalogue this set of 4 stamps in MNH condition is 344 euros.
    If you can find it for 41.5 USD you must buy all sets!!!

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