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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Stamp Investment Tip: Nicaragua 1967 Ruben Dario Souvenir Sheets (Scott #C601a, C605a)

In 1967, Nicaragua issued a set and pair of souvenir sheets honoring its most famous poet, Ruben Dario (Scott #C598-605, and C601a, C605a). 20,000 sets and 5,000 of #C605a were issued, and Scott '11 prices the unused sets at $2.25 and the unused pair of souvenir sheets at $4.00 . Though the sets were printed in greater quantity, it is likely that they had a much higher usage and attrition rate than the souvenir sheets.

Both seem ridiculously inexpensive, especially given the fact that many stamp collectors focus on Latin America as a region. The development of even a small stamp collecting community within Nicaragua would significantly bolster the value of the value of this issue.

Nicaragua is a poor nation of about 5 1/2 million people, and annual GDP growth of about 3%. It is largely dependent upon agriculture and remittances from Nicaraguans living in other countries. Nevertheless, its government has instituted economic reforms, and important secondary industries, such as tourism, banking, mining, and fisheries, are expanding.

I have begun a new blog, "The Stamp Specialist", which will feature wholesale buy prices for stamps which I am interested in purchasing. It includes a buy list for Nicaragua. Viewing dealers' buy lists every now and then is an excellent way to keep current on the vagaries of the stamp market.


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