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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Stamp Investment Tip: Gibraltar 1903-12 Edward VII (Scott #39-48, 49-64)

From 1903 to 1912, Gibraltar issued sets portraying Edward VII, including two with 1 pound high values: the 1903 set with Watermark 2 (Crown and CA), and a 1904-12 set with Watermark 3 (Multiple Crown and CA) on chalky paper (Scott #39-48 and 49-64, respectively). The high values of the sets have low printing quantities, as noted below:

-1903 8sh Violet and Black on blue (Scott #47; Scott '12 =$160.00 ; 7,620)
-1904-12 8sh Violet and Black on blue (Scott #63; Scott '12=$225.00; 4,680
-1903, 1904-12 1 pound Violet and Black on red (Scott #48 and 64; Scott '12 for each =$ 600.00; combined printing of 7,560)

I view either the complete sets or the individual high values as conservative investments.

Gibraltar remains a British overseas territory, with about 30,000 inhabitants. Gibraltar's economy is dominated by four main sectors – financial services, internet gaming, shipping and tourism, and while it is robust, the territory's population is probably too small to host a significant stamp collecting community. However, Gibraltar's stamps are popular among British Commonwealth collectors, and the better items should do well based upon the growth of that market.

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