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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Stamp Investment Tip: Falkland Islands 1921-29 George V (Scott #41-48)

The Falkland Islands, an archipelago in the South Atlantic off the coast of Argentina, is a self-governing territory of the United Kingdom. While Falkland Islanders comprise a tiny but very affluent population of about 3,000, from a philatelic investment perspective, the Falklands are of interest because they appeal to both British Commonwealth and Antarctic territories collectors.

From 1921 through 1929, the Falklands issued a set of eight stamps portraying King George V (Scott #41-48). Only 14,220 were issued, and Scott '13 prices the unused set at $174.00 .

I recommend purchase of the set in F-VF+ NH or LH condition. Few people were collecting stamps of the Falklands eighty years ago, and most of the sets were probably used as postage and discarded.

Information concerning printing quantities of stamps is often useful in determining which may turn out to be good investments. The StampSelector Scarce Stamp Quantities Issued List (SSSSQIL) currently includes over 9,700 listings of stamps and souvenir sheets with issuance quantities of 100,000 or less.

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