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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Stamp Investment Tip: Georgia 1996 Birds Issues (Scott #140-41, 142-43)

  I'm initiating coverage of stamps of the Republic of Georgia with its 1996 set of two miniature sheets of 16 picturing birds (Scott #140-141) and the accompanying set of two souvenir sheets (Scott #142-43) The miniature sheets are quite attractive, while the souvenir sheets aren't. In any case, 37,000 of the miniature sheet sets and 23,000 of the souvenir sheet sets were issued, and Scott '14 prices them unused at $22.-  and $12.50, respectively.

   This issue appeals to Animal/Bird topicalists as well as being an inexpensive bet on the growth of  Georgia's economy. Recommending it is consistent with my belief that one of the best ways to play the new and recently resurrected countries of Europe and Asia is to focus on popular topicals with low printings.

  With a population of about 4.5 million, the Republic of Georgia suffered severe damage to its economy due due to civil strife in the 1990s. With the help of the IMF and World Bank, it has made substantial economic gains since 2000, achieving robust  growth and curtailing inflation. Georgia has a sizable hydroelectric capacity, a factor that has become an increasingly important component of its energy supplies and policies. The country’s topography and abundance of hydro resources give it serious potential to dominate hydroelectric markets in the Caucasus region. Agriculture and tourism have also been principal economic sectors. Annual GDP growth has averaged just under 5% over the past 5 years.

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