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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Stamp Investment Tip: Chile 1948 Flora and Fauna Issue (Scott #254-55,C124)

  In 1948, Chile issued a compound set of three se-tenant blocks of 25 stamps honoring the centennial of Claudio Gay's "Natural History of Chile" (Scott #254-55, C124). Though quantities issued information is not available for these stamps, I estimate that 20,000 or fewer sets were issued. Scott '14 prices the unused set of three blocks at $110.-  ($ 60.00  for 254-55, and $ 50.00 for C124).

   The set has obvious topical appeal for Flora/Fauna topicalists. According to the American Topical Association, the "Animals" category of topicals is the most popular among U.S. collectors.

   A nation of 17 million, Chile is considered the most "European" Latin American nation, and the proportion of stamp collectors within the population is moving towards European levels. Major sectors include agriculture, fishing, forestry, mining, finance, and tourism. Although economic inequities common to most Latin American nations persist, the government favors gradual reform, and has a record of implementing sound economic policies. Annual GDP growth has averaged 3.2% over the last 5 years.

 "The Stamp Specialist" blog features my buy prices for stamps which I am interested in purchasing. I've posted a buy list for Chile. Viewing dealers' buy lists every now and then is an excellent way to keep current on the vagaries of the stamp market.

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