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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Stamp Investment Tip: Gibraltar 1889 Surcharge (Scott #22-28)

In 1889, the British issued a set of seven surcharged stamps for Gibraltar (Scott #22-28). Only 12,400 sets were issued, and Scott '13 prices the unused set at $251.75 .

Gibraltar remains a British overseas territory, with about 30,000 inhabitants. Gibraltar's economy is dominated by four main sectors – financial services, internet gaming, shipping and tourism, and while it is robust, its population is probably too small to host a significant stamp collecting community. Gibraltar's stamps are popular among British Commonwealth collectors, and the better items should do well based upon the growth of that market.

Though I often recommend obtaining expertization when buying stamps with overprints, in this case, expertization is not necessary, since there isn't a significant difference between the value of the basic stamps and that of the surcharged set.

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