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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Stamp Investment Tip: Qatar 1964 Tokyo Olympics Overprint (Scott #37-41)

  In 1964, Qatar overprinted five stamps from its 1961 set, to honor Olympics held that year in Tokyo (Scott #37-41). 16,000 sets were issued, and Scott '13 prices the unused set at $56.50 .

   The set has dual market appeal among collectors of Qatar and Sports/Olympics topicalists. Note that although I often recommend buying scarce overprinted issues conditional on obtaining expertization, it's not necessary for this issue, which isn't significantly more valuable than the basic, non-overprinted stamps.

   With a population of 1.4 million, Qatar has experienced rapid economic growth over the last five years, with annual GDP growth averaging 9%. The country has 15 billion barrels of oil reserves and natural gas reserves estimated at between 80 trillion to 800 trillion cubic feet - enough energy reserves to make every Qatari a centimillionaire or billionaire. Gilding the gilded lily, Qatar is also funding the development of a "knowledge economy," establishing the Qatar Science and Technology Park and Education City. It has also established Doha Sports City, and plans to build an "entertainment city" in the future, in case Qataris become bored with their other leisure activities, such as collecting stamps.

   Those interested in being part of a community of stamp collectors, dealers, and investors are welcome to join the Facebook "Stampselectors" group, which currently has over 2,300 members.


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