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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Stamp Investment Tip: Bulgaria 1933 Balkan Games set (Scott #244-50)

In 1931 and 1933 Bulgaria issued two sets honoring the Balkan Games, a regional version of the Olympics. Both are attractive Sports topical sets, although the second set represents a better investment prospect.

Both sets feature identical designs - athletes engaged in various sporting activities- but the second set was printed in different colors than the first. The first set (Scott # 237-433), available to the general public at post offices throughout Bulgaria, had a printing of 30,000. The second (Scott #244-50), available only at the philatelic agency, had a total printing of only 4,500, and has a Scott '10 Catalog Value of $ 665.00.

Since the fall of communism, Bulgaria, with a population of about 7 million, has experienced rapid economic growth, although its GDP per capita is only about $13,000, about 40% of the European Union average. We may expect better stamps of Bulgaria to increase in value as the economy continues to grow.

Stamps of this issue often have rough perfs. When purchasing, try to select a set with relatively clean perfs, at least on the high values.

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