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Monday, September 14, 2009

Stamp Investment Tip: Panama 1958 United Nations Souvenir Sheet (Scott #C202a)

In 1958, Panama issued a set of stamps (Scott #C199-202) and a souvenir sheet (Scott #C202a), commemorating the 10th Anniversary of the United Nations, which had occurred in 1955. Better late than never, I suppose. Both the set and the souvenir sheet are cheap (Scott Value for the Unused set is $ 4.05 ; for the Unused souvenir sheet: $ 5.25 ) and both had very low printings. Only 10,000 of the sets and 3,000 of the souvenir sheets were issued.

UN-related issues are popular among topical collectors, and I am convinced that they will become more popular in the future as the need for better, more powerful institutions of global government to deal with the world's massive problems is recognized. I believe that both the set and the souvenir sheet are excellent candidates for accumulation. It is impossible to know which presents a better prospect; for although the set had a higher printing quantity, it's likely that a far higher proportion of sets than souvenir sheets were used for postage.

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