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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Stamp Investment Tip: Lebanon 1924 Olympics Set (Scott #18-21)

In 1924, the Olympic Games were held in Paris. The postal authorities in Lebanon, then a French Mandate Territory, joined in the celebration by overprinting the basic French Olympics set "Grand Liban" and surcharging it in local currency (Scott #18-21). Issuance quantities were not recorded , but they were probably 10,000-20,000. Scott '10 values both the unused and the used set at $ 130.00 .

The set is of interest to collectors of Lebanon, French Colonies, and of course, Sports and Olympics topical collectors. This is one of many scarce sets of Lebanon which should significantly increase in value as the various factions within that country learn how to get along, and Beirut returns to its former preeminence as the "Paris of the Middle East."

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