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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Stamp Investment Tip: Guatemala 1935-37 Overprinted Airmails

Between 1935 and 1937, Guatemala issued four scarce overprinted airmail sets which are becoming increasingly more difficult to find. These sets are listed along with their quantities issued and Scott '10 Catalog Values below:
  • C32-46 1935-37 Green Quetzal Overprint (3,000;$57.30 )
  • C47-69 1935-37 Green Quetzal Overprint ( (3,000; $70.20 )
  • C70-79 1937 Blue Airplane Overprint ( 5,000; $35.10)
  • C80-91 1937 Black Airplane Overprint (3,000; $43.50 )

It is likely that many of these air sets were used as postage and discarded. They are grossly undervalued, especially considering that there are many collectors of Latin American stamps who focus on the region as a whole. I strongly recommend purchasing them in either F-VF+ NH or LH condition.

With a population of about 14 million, Guatemala is a poor but developing country. Since the end of the Civil War in 1996, the country has witnessed a successful transition from authoritarian dictatorship to democracy, although major inequities in income still need to be addressed. GDP growth has accelerated gradually, and now stands at around 5%.

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