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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Stamp Investment Tips: Jordan 1966 King Hussein Issue (Scott #528-28M,C43-45)

In 1966, Jordan issued a compound set of seventeen stamps honoring King Hussein (Scott # 528-28M, C43-45). Most of the 20,000 sets issued were used as postage, and Scott '10 prices the unused set at $ 44.65.

Jordan is a small country of 6.3 million people with limited natural resources. Nevertheless, it is an emerging market nation, largely due to its liberal economic policies and relative political stability compared to many of its neighbors, and has maintained an annual GDP growth of 5% -6% over the last 5 years. Currently, its main industries are fertilizers, tourism, and banking, but it also has a developing "knowledge economy," which is contributing to its nascent aerospace, defense, pharmaceutical, and ICT sectors.

I consider it prudent for stampselectors to consider not only the more "prestigious," pricey issues for investment, but also overlooked, inexpensive sets with low printings from emerging market countries. Such sets may seem speculative, but in fact, the risk of loss is quite low, and when the stamp market favors a particular country, the inexpensive issues tend to rise quickly, because of their affordability to most collectors.

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