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Friday, October 2, 2009

Stamp Investment Tip: Hungary 1948-49 Chain Bridge Souvenir Sheets

In 1948-49, Hungary issued three souvenir sheets honoring the Szechenyi Chain Bridge (Scott # C66, CB1D,CB2). The bridge is one of the most famous landmarks in Budapest, and has great historical and cultural significance for Hungarians. I recommend all three souvenir sheets, and have listed their quantities issued and Scott '10 values below:

C66 1949 50fo Carmine and Lake ( 15,200; $ 325.00)

CB1D 1948 2fo +18fo Brown Carmine (25,000; $ 110.00 )

CB2 1948 3fo + 18fo Deep Greenish Blue (25,000; 110.00)

As with many Hungarian issues from the 1920s on, imperforate versions of these souvenir sheets exist, and they are considerably scarcer than the regular issues.
After a difficult transition from a centrally-controlled economy to capitalism, Hungary has experienced moderate economic growth until it was hit hard by the 2008-09 financial crisis.
As the newest member of the European Union, this nation of 10 million receives nearly a third of all direct investment flowing into Eastern Europe. Agriculture, metallurgy and mining, and tourism are major components of the economy, According to a governmental forecast, annual GDP growth is projected to return to about 4% in 2011.

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