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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Stamp Investment Tip: Nicaragua 1949 Amateur Baseball Issue (Scott #717-29,C296-308)

In 1949, Nicaragua issued a compound set of 26 stamps commemorating the 10th World Series of Amateur Baseball (Scott # 717-29,C296-308). In addition, a set of 26 of each denomination in souvenir sheet form was also issued (Scott #729Note, C308a). The basic set is of some interest, with an issuance of 40,000 and a Scott '10 value of $ 35.95 as unused, but the set of souvenir sheets is far scarcer, with only 2,500 issued and a Scott '10 value of

The set is of great interest to Sports Topical collectors, and two of the values are also Scouting topicals.
Nicaragua is a poor nation of about 5 1/2 million people, and annual GDP growth of about 3%. It is largely dependent upon agriculture and remittances from Nicaraguans living in other countries. Nevertheless, its government has instituted economic reforms, and important secondary industries, such as tourism, banking, mining, and fisheries, are expanding.

I recommend both the regular set and the souvenir sheets based on topical interest alone. Should you locate a set of the souvenir sheets, ascertain whether any of the sheets have creases, major bends, or toning before purchasing it. The sheets are unwieldy, tend to curl, and are often found with condition problems.

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