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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Stamp Investment Tip: Mongolia 1951 30th Anniversary of Independence Issue (Scott #91-103)

In 1951, the Mongolian People's Republic issued a set commemorating the 30th Anniversary of its Independence (Scott #91-103). The set, of which 10,000 were issued, proclaimed the glories of Soviet-style Mongolian communism. Scott '10 values it at $ 185.00 for unused.

With about 2.6 million people, Mongolia has successfully made the transition to democracy since the fall of the Soviet Union. The main industries remain agriculture and mining, as Mongolia is rich in natural resources. There has been some diversification into the areas of food processing and apparel production, and annual GDP growth over the last 5 years has ranged from 5%-8%.

I consider the scarcer issues of Mongolia to be conservative long-term plays, because I do not expect an appreciable increase in the number of stamp collectors in Mongolia in the near future. Currently, most of the demand for Mongolian stamps is founded on the interest of specialists for the earliest issues, and topicalists for the later ones. Over the next few decades, however, I feel that the number of stamp collectors within Mongolia itself will increase significantly.

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